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This is the claiming post for the 2013 Kyusung Fest! :)

Fanfiction Prompts | Fanfiction and Art Prompts

2012 Art Prompts | 2012 Fanfiction Prompts | 2012 Fanfiction & Art Prompts

If I have missed a prompt, please let me know.

This fest is for both writers and artists, though there are less artists than there are writers (thus, less art prompts D:) so it would be greatly appreciated if more artists are notified, and even better if they sign up :) There are also over 100 prompts, but it's doubtful that more than 30 people will participate in terms of works and submissions--but the more participants, the better! The goal isn't to try to get all the prompts fulfilled, although that would be wonderful :)

Claiming Rules:
1. Look through the prompts, of course, and find a few that you like. Claiming will be at a first-come, first-serve basis.
2. When claiming, you will be listing your top three choices to fill, in order, in the case that someone before you has already claimed the prompt.
3. If you are confident in your ability to write more than one story or draw more than one piece of art, you are allowed to claim and keep up to three prompts. In this case, then you list your top five choices under the "prompts claimed" part of the claiming form.
4. All comments are screened because this is an anonymous fest--so, also, don't tell anyone what your prompt is! (Until it's betaing time, of course.)
5. Please refer to the prompt by its number. Each prompt has its individual number, as you will see on the prompt lists.
6. Keep in mind that you are to follow everything that is said in the "Main Prompt" portion of the prompt. Consider what is written under "Anything else?", and be aware of the rating limit and the prompter's squicks and try to avoid them when filling the prompt.
7. Do not feel pressured to try/want to claim and fill more than one prompt just because there are a lot. There will be an amnesty fest much later once this is over! Just look for prompts you like and go off and claim them :)
8. Once I confirm your claim(s), feel free to begin writing/drawing!
9. Do your best when filling your prompt! And also remember to put as much time and effort into it as possible--if you're doing it at last minute, you better be stressing out and not writing or drawing BS just to get it over with.
10. Already claimed prompts will be marked on the prompting list after they have been confirmed.
11. If you need to drop out or need an extension, please let me know through the email you have written on your claiming form at
12. If you finish a work before the due date and would like to take another prompt for this fest, please email with evidence of your completed work and say which other prompt you would like to take.
13. You may claim prompts from the previous fest, which have been linked above, as long as they were not claimed in the previous fest.

And again:
  • Stories must be at least 1000 words.

  • No plagiarism or (future) flaming.

  • All works are individual to this fest--you may not submit a work that you have made prior to this fest.

  • The work must focus around Kyuhyun and Yesung, whether in a romantic sense or a platonic sense. It must be evident that they are the center of the story. Side pairings are allowed, of course--feel free to do what you want as long as it fits the prompt!--but this is the Kyusung fest (or Yekyu fest or etc. if you prefer it that way :P) for a reason.

Check the rules and guidelines post for any further information.

You MUST use the claiming form or else your comment will be ignored.

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