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You might be wondering, "What's the point of kyusung_fest? How does it work?"

How it works

This community is for everyone who ships Kyuhyun/Yesung - and even maybe people who don't! - to share and inspire others to write more Kyuhyun/Yesung fanfiction, or draw more fanart! Those who ship it but don't write or draw can give out prompts, and those who do write and/or draw take these prompts and write their fanfiction or draw their fanart! This way, the prompter will be satisfied with what the author or artist has done (hopefully) and everybody wins!

  • There will be a prompting post wherein anyone can leave prompts in the comments of the post. There is no limit to how many prompts any one person can leave, and the prompt can be anything--a picture, random words, a quote, a situation, a plot line, details you want pointed out, etc. See the prompt post for details :)

  • Then there will be a claiming post once after the prompting post is done. The claiming post will link to a post that has all the prompts listed (instead of having authors/artists to sift through the comments) and each author or artist has the chance to look for prompts that they like, and pick their top three in the order they want them. If their first choice prompt is taken by a commenter who has arrived earlier, then they get their second choice prompt and so on. Also, PLEASE LET FANARTISTS KNOW ABOUT THIS FEST, since fanfiction tends to be more common than fanart on LiveJournal.

  • There will also be a beta post for anyone who wants to beta to sign up, and for anyone who needs a beta can ask for one :)

  • Claiming will last as long as needed, although not all prompts will be necessarily claimed. Afterwards, artists have about a month to draw for their prompt and authors to write for their prompt. If needed, extensions can be given. Pinch hitters may also be needed toward the end of the fest if participants have to drop out.

  • This is also an anonymous fest! So all works, once received, will be posted by me to the community with each author/artist only known anonymously, to a) prevent possible bias with readers and viewers, and b) so it's more fun if you want to guess who made what! There will be a guessing poll after all works are posted, and the winner of the guessing poll will receive a special prize ;)


April 13th - April 27th: Prompting is open
April 28th: Prompting closes
May 7th - May 21st: Claiming is open
May 22nd: Claiming is closed
May 25th: Prompts are assigned
May 25th - June 28th: Participants have approximately one month to fill their prompts and finish first drafts
June 20th: Beta post goes up
June 28th: First drafts are due. Extensions go up to two weeks.
June 29th - July 21st: Reserved for possible extensions for first drafts, and editing
July 22nd: Final works are due
August 4th: Works are posted (2x a day)
August 31st: Works are revealed! :)

Post-Anonymous Fest fest!

November: Amnesty month - wherein drop-outs, participants, or anyone can use a prompt from the prompt post (whether claimed or unclaimed), write it, and post it during this week. You can start claiming now, but post during this time period.


1. No flaming, plagiarism, or anything else that the general public doesn't like.

2. There is no restriction to prompts, so you can prompt anything as obscure or as different or as weird as you like.

3. This community is welcome to people of all backgrounds, so do your best to not be as antagonistic and rude as you can. We're all friends here.

4. Stories have to be at least 1000 words long. There aren't any guidelines to fanart, although time and effort should show with what you draw.

5. Please do your best to fulfill your prompt :)

6. If you cannot fill your prompt out in time or have to drop out of the fest, please let me know at The earlier you let me know, the better :)

7. Once your prompt has been assigned, feel free to start! Dates are only for convenience's sake.

8. Dates are relative to any time zone. As long as it is a certain date in some part of the world, then whatever is open is still open :)

9. All works are unique to this fest.

10. In author/artist's notes, as this is an anonymous fest, please use initials when referencing beta(s) or anyone else you would like to thank. Also please only let your beta(s) and anyone who does not desire to participate in this fest in any way know about your work. We want this to be as secret as possible!

11. At the due date, works are to be submitted to only with complete HTML. If you need help with HTML, here is a guide. There will be a submissions post for more information. Additionally, works may be returned to their participants before posting starts if the story/art clearly hasn't been looked over, has been submitted incorrectly, or does not show any time or effort put into it at all.

12. If you wish, on the claiming post you may claim two or more prompts to fill. Please note this in your claim! However, there is no longer the luxury of having one prompt with a first, second, or third choice--but if you have the stamina to write/draw as much, then feel free to :)

13. Have fun with your participating, whether you're prompting, writing, drawing or betaing! :)
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